Friday, September 16, 2016

Fun at Silica Ceramic Studio, Jeffersonville Indiana

I have had some fun for a few years now at Silica Ceramic Studio, Jeffersonville Indiana. One of my favorite things (so much so that I did it twice!) was making hand built roses. My painting and glazing left something to be desired and I hope to go back to correct what I don't like. The building of them, and their intricacy, however is both demanding and satisfying. Other things I have done at Silica are these little bird dishes and a fish tile. I painted some measuring bowls for Sandy in yummy spicy colors, and most recently, Laura and I hand built magnificent clay vases. Large! We plan to go paint or glaze them as soon as our schedules realign.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

2015 was pretty hectic

Not many blogposts last year because of many life happenings. Crazy health issues, crazy busy with wedding work, and simply very little time to catch my breath, much less sit down at the computer and blog. Even my wedding blog took a backseat to all else. My Facebook page was pretty busy. I did manage to keep that up better. One of my last posts here showcased a few small paintings I made to sell at a Louisville gallery. They all three sold at the same time - I'm guessing to one person. Hurray! I must try to do more. Several of my small pieces at Copper Moon Gallery also sold in 2015. I hope to do a better job in 2016, but can't guarantee anything. But - it is January and I will post something new now. First is a page for a bride and groom's album for their first anniversary (paper). The mother wanted something stylized that included the burgundy calla lilies in the wedding bouquet.
Next is a set of script table numbers. I was given a sample from Pinterest with lots of flourishing as inspiration.
Last is the original page that was planned for The Scout Guide/Louisville. The photos were taken in my studio just in time for the December 2014 first issue celebration. The photos were reformatted and the world didn't get to see my face, but did see much more of my calligraphy. I even ran into a childhood friend a few weeks ago who mentioned that she had seen my work in the Scout Guide.
I'll try to do something fun (for my own sanity and to create a blogpost about) on a more regular basis in 2016, but no promises.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Revisiting Old Blog Posts

I spent a few minutes today revisiting old blog posts and came across this one about my experience with gestural lettering in an Yves Leterme workshop. It brought back great memories of good times with good art friends. Similarly, I am at this time dealing with the hubs' health issues - but someone else is cutting the grass these days. Plus ce la meme chose, plus ca change. (Minus the French grammatical markings.) The more things change, the more they remain the same. Speaking of remaining the same, I am at the same (lack of) talent level with the gestural writing. Hardly a moment spent on practice from then to now. It's a busy life.
(Above photo by Roann Matthias.)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

New Small Graphite Series

Just in time for Christmas gifting, here are a few of my new small graphite series. Some have watercolor embellishment, all have illustrations. Framed in distressed white, they will look nice on most shelves or desks. You can purchase these at Copper Moon Gallery in New Albany, IN.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Contemporary Primitives

Recently these small contemporary primitive paintings were accepted into the Kentucky Museum of Arts and Crafts Gallery (KMAC) in Louisville. I had fun painting these and am looking forward to painting a few more.

Free Range

Bird on Ledge I

Bird on Ledge II

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Book and Book Box

I made this book and book box earlier this year, and have been itching to make more of them. This was sent to a friend in Italy who had sent me a luscious gift of tea. It was fun to find the teacup brad to use as a fastener. Maybe when the second wave of wedding seasons is over I will have time to make a few more little books with boxes. (Did you know that October is the next June? Brides who don't plan June weddings seem to be choosing October, perhaps because of the weather.)

Here is the front of the book box.

Here is the back of the book box.

And here is the book in the box.

Feel free to 'pin'. To see my wedding calligraphy, see my wedding blog and my website.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Small art works

Small art works are the theme today.  I recently made some small pieces for sale on etsy and in Copper Moon Gallery in New Albany IN  - if you are in the vicinity, check them out! Here are a few calligraphy pieces with simple watercolor illustrations.  I forgot to take a photo of my favorite.  When will I learn?

Some were simply matted, others were matted and framed in white-washed frames.  They are small, 5x7" and 8x10", for easy gifting.  My favorite is a quote from designer Nate Berkus with a house illustration.  Naturally, that's the one I forgot to photograph.    The lettering style is a contemporary-feeling pressurized pointed pen lettering with a casual look.  Wedding work season has started now, but I will try to fit in more small pieces in the lulls.  I find if I have quotes mulling around in my mind and watercolor paper cut to size, it's more of an incentive to put spare time to good use.