Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Calligraphy Catch Up

Here is the logo I created a couple of years ago for the company I now have the privilege to work for. The job was created for me...the owner paid me a great compliment saying he didn't want me to get away. Blush! Little did I know when I lettered this that I would be carrying it on my business cards nor that it would be larger than life on a marquee of sorts. Great fun!

I completed (all but the framing!) this piece in a recent workshop near Cincinnati. Jacqueline Sullivan was the instructor of the aptly titled "Wet N Wild" watercolor workshop. We poured watercolors, sprinkled metal powders, salt, sand, powdered dyes and alcohol, tore paper and generally had a wonderful time.

Here are some escort cards and envelopes I recently did as part of a much larger package.

And here's an oldie I recently ran across. From a Barbara Close greeting card workshop years ago, a display of student work. This was a great workshop. Barbara is delightful as well as talented. We all created many FuN cards.