Monday, January 24, 2011

New Work Finis!

Though I tried to add lettering, this piece just didn't want any! Here is one way I tested the lettering on it: I lettered on tissue paper and taped it to the piece where I wanted it to go. A bit of imagination was still called for, but the end result is that I thought it would muddle the design. It told me, "No!"

To see the final iteration of the piece, visit my website's paintings/mixed media page, where you can also see other paintings in the same color family. Except for my signature and a final varnish coat, I'm calling it finished.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Work in Progress

Here's the latest mixed media piece I'm working on. It's acrylics with collage and oil pastels, but I think I need to add some lettering. The raised gesso may prevent a good base for that. Still thinking about it.

Here's a slightly closer view.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Laurie Doctor Journaling Demo

I attended a demo by Laurie Doctor on her journaling methods yesterday at Preston Art Center in Louisville. I had too much to do, a crowded weekend and it followed a very busy work week - so I almost didn't go. I'm glad I did. Laurie is amazing. She recites poetry as second nature. Very moving. Very appropriate to the journaling demo. Antonio Machado, Pablo Neruda, Jorge Luis Borges, William Stafford. It was as if she'd written them herself, they were spoken with such inner knowledge. Her journals, which I'd pored over at an exhibit a couple of years ago, are wonderful works - personal yet everyman's at the same time. Her techniques pull you in, make you want to read every word, yet you feel as though they are personal and you should not pry. It was an overflow crowd - probably more than 20 people crowded around the tables...more chairs had to be brought in, and another table. Each art-loving attendee had a wonderful personal story and reason to be there. We ran way overtime, testament to how interesting the discussion and demo was.

I have no photos to share, but I urge you to look her up. I can share with you a bit of her philosophy. I wanted to call her "The Five Minute Doctor" because many times she urged that we dedicate five minutes a day to journaling. She said everyone could devote five minutes to temenos (Greek - a sacred place, a sacred time.) She has some wonderful large journals...each page an exciting discovery. One thing she does is take her scrap pieces (always on 'good paper') and makes journals from many disparate works - adding to them once they are in the journals. Having these pre-worked pieces as pages takes away the 'blank page' preciousness. It also makes them very interesting to peruse. She has small notebooks which she calls her 'line a day' journals. She commits herself to just one line a day (of course if more lines come, that's okay too.) Just saying you will devote five minutes or promise to write one line every day breaks the scary big thing into un-scary pieces.

That said, I intended to begin anew today. I have painted papers ready for lettering, for some wonderful piece of work (right!) Instead, I babysat. (It's okay. My grandson is the light of my life, and renews me in unartistic ways.) I did write more than a line in my journal, and now many more in this, my online journal. I am so pumped up by the interlude yesterday with like-minded people. My crazy-busy work week was put into proper perspective by this artistic renewal. It was great to see a few calligraphy friends again, and to see Laurie again. I've taken her workshops more than once, and highly recommend both hers and her husband Steve Skaggs' workshops. I wish I could attend their workshop in Italy this summer. THAT would be fun! Any donors available? : )

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sketchbook Challenge #1...Highly Prized

This is my sketch for the challenge "Highly Prized". I was quite intimidated by the skill of Jill's baby illustration and didn't want to try to sketch Jace, but - what can you do? He is the most highly prized part of my life. I don't think I did him justice. His face isn't dirty. That's my attempt at shadows. He was about 3 months old in the photo I sketched from. He is a rip-roaring ten months old now, and has started walking! And talking! (He said "Bye Bye", and often says "mama" and "dada". He hasn't attempted "Jamma" or "Pappy". Yet.)