Sunday, July 14, 2013

Postcards from Australia

Postcards from two places dear to the bride and groom were integral parts of their wedding reception. The groom is from Australia so the table name cards were names of various Australian cities written on the backs of beautiful Australian postcards. The table/escort cards were from the bride's hometown, Louisville KY. It was a nice way to meld and honor the two backgrounds.

In addition to these, I also lettered quite a few envelopes this month. Here are a couple of personal ones, done in navy blue on a slant on green envelopes. Slanting the addresses has been pretty popular lately - so has navy blue ink!

Lastly, here's a personalized photo mat I did as a small gift for a bride and groom with their married name and wedding date. I told the bride that her groom will have no excuses for missing their anniversary. : )

Sunday, July 7, 2013

I love my job!

I love my job! I enjoy working with brides, newlyweds (both grooms and brides), Mothers of the Bride, hostesses, friends. It's happy work, as most of my work involves commemorating in calligraphy, a milestone, a special event or feeling. Here are some of my recent projects. These were fun envelopes to do. One lovely bride wanted something a little different and we selected a slanted address layout in a traditional hand-lettered script style of lettering.

A New York bride had these lovely eyelet place cards sent to me from Germany for her reception. So pretty!

A happy young man had me letter this photo mat for his wife for Mother's Day. I used a version of my traditional wedding script calligraphy. I hope she liked it!

Derby Day in Kentucky involves lots of partying. These place cards, hand lettered in my signature style, are shown packaged to go for a very elegant dinner.

A photographer in California had me make these extra large tags for a special photo shoot. I love calligraphy!

Here's a snippet of some wedding vows I lettered in a whimsical upright style for a nice young man. Success! His wife cried and wants hers to him lettered too.

To make these addresses just a bit different the bride chose an upright lettering style and I added a silvery cartouche to match the silver return address.

I love white lettering on dark paper. These white on navy blue calligraphy placecards were for a fabulous New York affair.

I love what I do! In between busy times like these, I try to attend workshops which ignite my creativity, deepen friendships and further my calligraphic education. I remain forever grateful that I took that first calligraphy class so many years ago.

by Jan Hurst COMMENT RESPONSES: Sorry, I have been unable to respond to messages. Christy, thank you very much! Marjorie, thank you. No, I don't do a pencil rough first. Instead I use a guideline on a light board so I will have proper placement. I still have to 'eyeball' correct placement width wise, but the writing line is set.