Sunday, July 14, 2013

Postcards from Australia

Postcards from two places dear to the bride and groom were integral parts of their wedding reception. The groom is from Australia so the table name cards were names of various Australian cities written on the backs of beautiful Australian postcards. The table/escort cards were from the bride's hometown, Louisville KY. It was a nice way to meld and honor the two backgrounds.

In addition to these, I also lettered quite a few envelopes this month. Here are a couple of personal ones, done in navy blue on a slant on green envelopes. Slanting the addresses has been pretty popular lately - so has navy blue ink!

Lastly, here's a personalized photo mat I did as a small gift for a bride and groom with their married name and wedding date. I told the bride that her groom will have no excuses for missing their anniversary. : )

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