Friday, August 2, 2013

Michael Clark workshop coming to Louisville!

Here is a press release I wrote (with help from some former propaganda) about the Michael Clark workshop coming to Louisville:

Michael Clark, a former banker turned calligrapher and font designer, will be at Lettersong Gallery on October 10 and 11 to teach his "Going Beyond the Poem" workshop. Says Michael, “During the workshop we will be looking at the lettering styles you use with an eye toward trying variations of those forms, a way to expand our everyday styles. While we explore a variety of layouts and designs in each of the exercises, we will look at the effect that contrast, texture and color have on those designs. We will also experiment heavily with the ruling pen.”

Clark is a commercial lettering artist and type designer who resides in Glen Allen, Virginia. His lettering can be seen on packaging for products ranging from salad dressing to book and CD covers. He designs fonts for corporations, and for resale. He has written and had published several books and has been a frequent editor of the Washington DC Calligraphy Guild’s Scripsit magazine, which highlights calligraphers and lettering artists from around the world. In this role he has introduced many calligraphers to some of the world’s best lettering artists.

Lettersong Gallery is at Story and Spring Streets in the Butchertown area of Louisville. Although this workshop is sold out, you may contact Lettersong to be placed on a waiting list. Michael will give a talk about his work at Lettersong Gallery on Wednesday night, October 9th. It will be free and open to the public.

See Michael Clark’s work on his website:

"Until the banal SANS has blinded everyone with its sterility, there will always be a place for the hand wrought form. It infuses the word with life, vibrancy and the ability to sway the viewer." (MC)

This piece by Michael has an unusually steep slant to the lettering, which fits the purpose perfectly.

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