Monday, August 12, 2013

Going to the Fair!

It was almost like going to the fair today when I 1.) Met a client in front of the fairgrounds, and 2.) Picked up my fair tickets. As we waited for my client to arrive we saw these dragons on their way to the fair.

The sky looked ominous behind this ferris wheel. For good reason. Within minutes of our leaving the fairgrounds we were in a deluge with lightning striking all around.

I delivered this card and assorted other small pieces to the client. It was a pleasure to squeeze her little job in between two large ones, and a pleasure to meet her. (Please ignore the reflected raindrops from my windshield and the shadows.)

It's been a very busy week. Along with an ER run last Monday night, I had a very large project to fulfill, and babysat for Jace a couple of times. This envelope is a part of a large project that was picked up yesterday. I rarely do the staggered format, but this envelope was very large, and I think it looks great! (Address altered for privacy.)

Here is hoping we have fair weather for our visit to the Fair later this week, and no more ER visits for a very long time. I have too much to do!

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