Thursday, November 25, 2010

Calligraphy Birthday Cards, Penman Drive & Nature's Calligraphy

A recent business trip took me to Jacksonville Beach for a week. Below are some photos of observed 'natural calligraphy'. There's also a street sign which I found very apropos - Penman Drive. This was snapped at its intersection with Beach Road. Had I been like my friend Andrew, I'd have taken time to try some beach calligraphy, but with limited beach time I settled for photos of the natural beauty instead.

Wading in the Atlantic Ocean on a beautiful beach in mid-November...what a blessing!

Below is a display of the birthday cards I received this year. I did receive one or two after the photo was taken, but this includes all of the calligraphy cards from my wonderful exchange group.

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  1. You posted amazing photos! Your exchange group sent you terrific birthday cards...thank you for sharing!