Friday, November 18, 2011

Revisiting Old Work - Tapestry

I am finally getting around to redecorating my bedroom - as part of the major re-do of the main living areas of my house. As I took this piece off the wall, I wondered how much it might have faded, though it hasn't been exposed to direct sunlight. I did this piece in 2001/2002. I looked up the photo I took of it then and miraculously I found it (new computer, new camera and many files gone missing.) I was shocked when I saw it to see the huge difference in colors, and I wonder if I Photoshopped it to make the letters show up. (See next image.) I don't remember it as having been this bright, but it may have been. (I should keep better notes! I should also remember to take photos before the pieces are framed behind glass.)

The Rabindranath Tagore quote was lettered in gouache in the same colors as the water-colored stripes of the 'tapestry' so they appear to fade in and out. I think the piece may have faded a little, but the second picture and the detail picture are pretty true to the actual colors. And it is hard to read. I keep thinking I want to do it again with some modifications; perhaps with an eye to the may-have-been-doctored-image.

My friend Diana Hutchison used to call me "Pastel Woman" back in those days because I rarely used deep colors, so I do think Photoshop is responsible for the heightened colors in the 'before' photo.

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