Friday, January 20, 2012

A Monkey for A Monkey

The first monkey in the title of this post is an acrylic painting I did for my almost two year old grandson's bedroom, which is decorated in a monkey-jungle theme. The sweet grandson is the second one. His mommy called him monkey since before he was born because he kicked so much.

I began this painting on a used canvas, one on which I had already made deep colored brush marks. I thought that would give me a cool background to work with, but it was really an obstacle to have to work around and try to mute colors and shapes that were in the wrong places. Here are three photos of the progress of the painting. The happy little monkey was a hit with Jace, who kissed it several times when I gave Monkey Monk to him.


  1. What a great Monkey! I like that you showed your process. And your grandson looks absolutely adorable....and I can see that he would be thrilled with the theme too!

    Thanks for visiting my blog Jan. I was in Paris this past October and will be posting a few photos now and then.

    1. Sara, I enjoyed the photos you shared, and will look forward to seeing more! Thanks for the comments! (Spent yesterday with my little monkey...always a treat!)