Friday, July 13, 2012

Teri Dryden & Collage

This week I took a couple of hours off to attend a Food for Thought luncheon at the Louisville Visual Art Association at the Watertower. The guest speaker was Teri Dryden, a collage artist whose work I admire. I was very happy to meet her - she has a winning personality with smiles to match. Her collages have great subtlety. I love them and think you might too. I took one photo of the wall display, but did not get a photo of the slightly more crowded table display of smaller pieces.

Collage is a favorite medium of mine, but unlike Teri, I usually include some lettering in mine, combining my love of calligraphy and collage. I liked the purity of hers, which are made from discarded books. The textures are delicious, and I repeat myself, very subtle. Her talk was interesting, and was accompanied by slides of her collage work - and a couple from her days as a clown with Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus. I'm so glad I made the time to meet Teri Dryden, see her work, hear her story, reacquaint myself with some fellow artists and meet some others. It was a good afternoon, well-spent. The lunch was good too!

In searching for more information for this article I ran across an excellent blog post by Keith Waits with great photos of both Teri and her work. Please check it out here.


  1. Appreciate the into to Teri's amazing work. There is such a beautiful simplicity to it, love it.

  2. I'm glad you liked it, Bren! Very interesting woman, and deceivingly simple collages.