Friday, October 26, 2012

I've been painting papers and making booklets. None are completely finished, but I'm happy with my playtime so far.

Here are some other painted papers, not yet made into books. The first image below shows how rough they marks on bare paper. Watercolor and sometimes gesso are added to get the painted pages. Sometimes I added salt and alcohol which add a textured look. It's similar to paste paper, but is much faster. You do not get the highly textured appearance of paste papers, though some gesso marks retain their actual texture, and the alcohol, salt and painting technique mimic texture fairly well.

For the book pages I used Arches text wove paper, which takes wet media very well, yet is thin enough to fold easily for books. For the covers I used 140 pound watercolor paper, painted in a similar fashion. I used a simple three hole binding stitch for the two small books that I bound this week. (Top photo.)


  1. Oh I'm loving all of these, books, papers and pages just wonderful effects!

    1. Thanks, Bren! In the two brown books (which began as one) I interspersed plain white pages and made cutouts in them to show some of the painted paper through. I plan to letter on those white pages for sure, and probably on some of the painted pages. Painting papers is so much fun, and on otherwise non-productive days you can prepare ahead for days when the creativity angels arrive.