Sunday, April 10, 2011

Watercolor Artist Magazine

This is an unabashed plug for Watercolor artist magazine. No affiliation other than I am a subscriber - and sadly, my subscription ends with this issue. I wish there were a fairy godmother for my art subscriptions.

Back to the plug. The current issue (Wow! They are way ahead of themselves!) is June 2011. I am loving so many articles in it. I sat out in the morning sunshine reading it today. There is an article about Chinese artists, Trade Routes that goes on for pages and pages. It's fantastic! I absolutely love the image by Xiao Yang - though I do have a question about the masculine and aged look of the Tibetan woman's hands compared to her youthful face. (Maybe Tibetan women have a facial product secret? Or maybe they are in severe need of some of my favorite Windrift Hill Goat's Milk hand lotion. - Yes, another plug. LOVE the stuff!) The artist Wei Li also has one of my favorite pages. Exquisite birds with a mother feeding her young up in the rafters of an ancient building. Gorgeous! The artists are represented by some fabulous images. Worth buying a copy of the magazine for.

But wait! There's more! The next page brings us Japan! As in Japanese papers used in mixed media watercolors. Wonderful! I want to plump up my stash of Japanese papers. I will want to do several new pieces using the techniques Brenda Swenson used. There's one of hers that I love so much I'd love to buy. Bet that would put me back more than the price of a few magazine subscriptions.

Articles about using dispersions, en plein air painting and more complete the magazine. Is this one so good, or have I just not taken time to read the previous ones? Not sure. I'll definitely revisit the previous issues to look for more inspiration. But then I may become all inspiration, no output. What a dilemma!

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