Friday, September 9, 2011

Cordes-Sur-Ciel, France

What a gorgeous, fun, rugged (to walk in) village this is!
Cordes-sur-Ciel, it is said, looks to be rising from the clouds in the winter when low-lying mists are plentiful. We missed the image of its rising from the clouds, but it was very impressive, nonetheless.
It took a lot of stamina to walk the giant hills in the over 100 degree heat on the day we were there, but payoffs of darling shops, artists' studios and magnificent views were worth it.
First order of business was lunch. We drove to the town just beyond Cordes-sur-Ciel because parking was so difficult in Cordes. We found Babar, an elephant themed restaurant that advertised a 'unique menu'. We soon learned that this meant we would get whatever the owner was cooking that day. I can't say I loved every course, but it was definitely a unique experience. My favorite course was the gazpacho appetizer. It was downhill from there, but revived again with a pretty good dessert. (That's water in front of me. I drank LOTS of it!) Loved the red tablecloths.

This metal sculpture by an artist named Stanko was near where we parked in Cordes-sur-Ciel. The base has a pattern of mosaic tiles. We found two other sculptures by the same artist closer in to town.
This one is for Sandy - it has her owl!

Some of the excellent views from near the top of the hill.

A 'secret garden' we spied below the roadway we were walking along.

These cute birdhouses caught my eye.
I loved this scene...complete with 'blowout' flip flops. (You can't tell in this small size, but the blue flip-flops were broken and had been discarded there.) The roadways were treacherous to walk on. Rough, uneven cobblestones, lots of ruts and lots of 'uphill'.
This building was constructed of a mix of stones and bricks, seemingly haphazardly.

Cordes-sur-Ciel clock.

The lace curtains in many windows and doors throughout much of southwest France reminded me a lot of Ireland.

There was a calligraphy shop in this town!

A pretty doorway.
Love these happy flowers!
After all the uphill climbing - finally going downhill. Whew! It was less strenuous, but not any less treacherous to the feet.
Pretty blue shuttered home.
Hanging alongside a shop.
Many portals. I wonder what this building's original purpose was.
A nice little scene along the main street in the picturesque hilltop village.
And another.
A Cordes-sur-Ciel shop, and a metal sculpture sitting in front of another.

An atelier.
I bought a lovely tapestry in this shop. Here Beth poses with a knight. The shop's owner explained to me that it was a museum first and foremost, with the tapestries, etc. only helping to pay the bills. He payed me the supreme compliment of saying my French was better than his English...then he apologized for his English.
These narrow roads really do have vehicular traffic!
Isn't this doorway beautiful - more lace curtains!

This archway holds a welcome secret...natural air conditioning! It was - for some reason - a wondrously cool spot on a terribly hot day.

Take a good look at the walking conditions. I needed better walking shoes.


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