Friday, February 10, 2012

Adoption Poem

One of my projects this week was this lovely adoption poem. It was lettered in a more casual script than I usually do. Long and narrow, it was made to fit a specific sized frame. The most difficult task was to keep the lettering legible while adding bounce and looseness. I compensated by making the interior lines of each stanza plainer than the upper and lower lines.

I love the poem, and have seen two versions of it. This is my favorite. I do not know the author's name.

Thanks to my personal photographer, Sandy Wright, for brightening my photo (above) to more closely match the original.

Here are some snippets of the piece:


  1. Thanks for this, Jan. Last week I had the word 'Affpuddle' to deal with [English place name in Dorset], it took me several attempts - but I notice that eventually I worked of my 'f' descenders in a similiar way to how you've written yours in the word 'different' - I'm learning!, and you are a great help.

  2. Beautiful Jan. It is hard to work within a size constraint. Great job.