Thursday, February 23, 2012


Imagine my surprise yesterday when I happened to browse over to Lisa Englebrecht's blog and see the above headline. I was not expecting to see my own name when I clicked onto her blog! I had forgotten that I'd entered her blog contest a while back. I love sweet surprises! What fun!!!

This is what I won...a signed copy of Jill Berry's book, Personal Geographies.

I took a workshop from sweet Lisa a few years ago in Nashville, TN, and knew her from Cyberscribes, an online calligraphy group. After that workshop I bought Lisa's book, Modern Mark Making, when it was published. Here it is.

Here's a photo of two inside pages that happen to contain works by two talented friends, the lovely calligrapher Barbara Close and fun font designer Stephen Rapp, and by the fabulous Carl Rohrs, a calligrapher I have long admired and from whom I am looking forward to taking a workshop in April.

Having Lisa's blog as one of my favorites in the links section of my own blog was a natural. Now I am super happy that I had it there, so easy to click onto. I might have missed the lovely surprise otherwise.

Thanks, Jill Berry, for donating and signing the book that I'm anxious to get my hands on, and thanks, Lisa Englebrecht, for sponsoring the contest. I'm so glad that my name was pulled!

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