Friday, March 2, 2012

My Little Guy is an Artist

I attended a Nashville Calligraphy Guild retreat last weekend (Scribehaven at Lake Barkley in Kentucky) and have spent this week preparing for Jace's birthday and squeezing in some calligraphy envelopes when I could. Since I have nothing of my own to post, I am posting my grandson's art exploits.

Jace the Face is a painter. A real live child artist. His mother lets him express his sitting on the table (she was right there, and it keeps the paints away from the walls.)

The one on yellow paper will be mine!

I love seeing my little child artist getting into this so completely.

Part of his "I'm two!" birthday presents included a fresh supply of Crayola washable fingerpaints and paper. One day maybe we will create together!


  1. We should all get so "involved" in our art! Thanks for sharing these darling photos.

  2. Just found your blog . . . what a cute grandson or should I say budding artist. Calligraphy fascinates me, I can not even read my own writing sometimes. I'll definitely be back when I have more time so visit. Your fellow blogger, Connie