Friday, March 9, 2012

My "Major Prize" a la The Christmas Story

I recently learned (see earlier post) that I'd won a prize in Lisa Engelbrecht's blog drawing. To me, it was better than the infamous 'major prize' in "The Christmas Story". (Who can forget the Italian 'fra-gi-le' on the shipping box?)

My 'major prize' arrived earlier this week. Fun packaging!

Inside the envelope, the prize was wrapped in red sparkly tissue, and closed with this darling letter button pin.

The prize was a signed copy of Jill Berry's book, "Personal Geographies". It looks intriguing and I look forward to delving more deeply into it.

A cool bonus was the label from Lisa in a funky gothic style of lettering that procliams: Letterista Style.

Otherwise my week has been full. Lots of Jace time (his 2nd birthday was March 2, a day now made infamous by killer tornadoes, the worst we have ever known here.) I was involved in a photo shoot to mark his day, shopping for presents, the actual party, and lots of calligraphy, which I will share another time.

Come to think of it, this darling toddler is my real major prize...the prize of a lifetime.

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