Friday, May 4, 2012

Ribbon-tied Booklet Tutorial

Here's a tutorial I created on making a ribbon-tied stapled booklet of just a half a sheet of cardstock, a scrap of scrapbook or other decorated paper, one sheet of copy paper and a small length of ribbon. The only other supplies needed are a gluestick (optional), a craft knife, scissors and a stapler. The above supplies are based on the size booklet I made. Adjust for larger or smaller sizes.

First, cut or tear the 8.5 x 11" cardstock in half lengthwise.One half of this sheet will be the cover of your booklet.

Fold in half, then fold each end in toward the center fold.

Halfway up the center fold cut a 1/4" slit (vertically, but about 1/8" from center fold.) This slit should go through both the back and front covers. (See top photo.)

Open the book out to half size with loose inner edges together. (Trim these edges to allow ribbon to freely go through the booklet...I cut off about 1/8 to 1/4".)

Cut matching slits in front and back covers at the first fold (not at the center fold, which is already slit.) You now have four matching slits in the folded cover.

Cut 1/8" wide ribbon to about 18 inches in length. Thread this through the cover beginning at either outer edge fold, then though the matching slit on the same cover, back out through the next slit, and finally out the other folded outer edge slit. The ribbon will only show at the outside spine and the outer cover edges where it will form a tie. The ribbon will lay inside the folded covers of the book.

Cut a scrap of scrapbook or decorated paper to 4 x 5" and fold that in half to 2.5 x 4". Cut one piece of copy paper to two strips of 4 x 11.5" Trim each strip to two 4 x 5" pieces and fold each in half to 2.5 x 4". Nestle the folded copy paper pieces inside the decorated paper to make your signature. Insert into the folded cover and from the outside staple halfway down the top half right on the spine, and in a similar position on the bottom half.

If you have a scrap of the decorated paper, cut a small piece and glue onto the front cover. If you like, emboss or deboss the front cover around the decorative paper. Tie ends of ribbon.

You can use other papers, and you can adjust the sizes. You can also stitch the signature to the spine either by hand or machine rather than staple. You can use it as a tiny little gift, as a notebook or even as a greeting card. If using as a greeting card, you might want to make it to fit an existing envelope, or make an envelope to match.


  1. This is a good for teaching a nice display booklet for a quick extra to my private students. thanks for sharing.


  2. This is very cute. Neat idea. Would be cool to do as wedding favors in addition to what I already have planned and its my colors :) The only bad thing is myself really, you know how much I hate working with stupid RIBBON! Lol.

  3. What a great tutorial! I also think the hand prop that you used is very it!

    Now when I get home tonight, I am going to make a ribbon thank you for sharing!