Friday, May 25, 2012

Seeing Myself in Print and Online

I am very excited to announce that I have been published again, both online and in print. An envelope I did was included in a new calligraphy book, and an article I wrote is the current blogpost for Paper and Ink Arts!

It was a good mail day at my house recently. My new copy of Bound and Lettered (with articles about and by some friends and colleagues of mine) arrived along with my publisher's copy of Peter Taylor's new book, Calligraphy for Greetings Cards and Scrapbooking. Peter's publisher sent me a copy because I have an envelope in it. What fun to see my work in print again! And what a nice book to see it in.

I quickly turned to the index to see if my name was listed - it is!

And here is the simply scripted envelope that was requested - no elaborate flourishing, just a clean simple script. (I wish I'd taken a better photo.)

To order Peter's book: If you put the title, Calligraphy for Greetings Cards and Scrapbooking in a search engine, you'll probably find several online stores offering copies at a range of prices with a range of publication dates. Some are saying 'pre-order - published June or October 2012', but all sources should soon have them available.

Publisher's site (the price printed on the cover, probably plus delivery) - available now.

Amazon UK - cheaper - free UK delivery with supersaver (if buying more than one copy or other books as well) available now with delivery overseas possible.

Book Depository - Good price (the best price?) as it includes free delivery worldwide - available now. - cheapest price, but says pre-order for release in October.

I have ordered books from both the Book Depository and with no problems.

According to Peter, this book contains advice, alphabets and images intended to encourage beginners to begin their calligraphic journey. He hopes it will encourage beginners to pick up and use pens rather than buy pre-cut lettering and rubber stamps for all of their projects. More experienced calligraphers will also find many ideas. From my first perusal of the book, it is exactly what it's meant to be, and will be a good resource for instructors as well. The skeleton alphabet is very nice with excellent instruction, as are many of the other alphabets included in the book, such as Celtic, Neuland and Versals. There are good instructions for embossing, making pens from bamboo and balsa wood - including making reservoirs for the bamboo pens - and many other practical tips for calligraphers and craftsmen of all skill levels. As the name implies, it has tips for making greeting cards and for scrapbooking too. It would make an excellent gift for a young person (or anyone) who wants to learn calligraphy or how to make greeting cards.

In other news, it's fun for me that an article I wrote for Paper And Ink Arts is on their blog this month. It's about the Fons and Porter white mechanical quilting pencil - wonderful for ruling lines on dark papers because it erases without a trace. Photos showing projects with lines and with lines erased are included. I'm currently working on a project on silver envelopes, so the pencil is a godsend. You will be able to access this article by scrolling down through more current ones if you're reading this after a new blogpost is up. Recent articles there include excellent tutorials on various topics. The blog is well worth a visit. I am pleased to be in the good company of the previous writers.


  1. Woohoo! Way to go, and hooray for good mail days!

  2. congratulations all way round! You've had a great feel good kind of day

  3. Thanks for the uplifting comments that continue the 'feel-good'. : )