Friday, June 1, 2012

Artsy Days With Friends

Where does inspiration come from? For me, it can come from almost anywhere, a passage in a book, a FaceBook post, a seen-by-no-one-but-me image in a floor tile, a museum visit, paging through art books, workshops, and especially fun days exploring with art-minded friends. Here are a few photos from recent and not so recent friend fun days. Rob, Laura, Steve and I went to Nashville IN for a joint birthday/anniversary outing in March. These photos from a general store feed my artful soul.

A trip to Indianapolis and Carmel IN with two calligrapher friends was fun and full. In Carmel I got these photos of Doris Sisk, Jen Grove and myself along with a few locals.

Here's Jen thinking about the day's news while Doris 'reflects'.

Jen and I trying to help Grandma shop.

Jen had a little brush with the law.

A few years ago my friend Donna Hacker joined me in the NuLu district of Louisville for a trolley hop where we had these photobooth photos made.

That photo memory resides on my 'new' antique library drawers. I'd love to have a wall-full of these!

And today I had another great art Gaye Medbury's annual art sale for friends. Here are Pat (Artkerfuffle) Pleacher, Gaye Medbury, Diana Hutchison and Connie Newbanks...all wonderful artists/calligraphers, and I'm proud to say, my friends.
Well, La Dee Da!

I love art. Even more, I love my friends.


  1. What a day, and such fun shots of some interesting characters and cool items

  2. Don't tell Diana, but her Da is wrinkled (the pillow, that is)! Had so much fun seeing you guys!!