Friday, June 8, 2012

Organized Lady - Artist Gaye Medbury

Book Artist Gaye Medbury has an annual artist yard sale for friends only. I am glad to be one of her friends. There are always amazing bargains to be had...because she has the coolest stuff! In the photo above are Pat Pleacher, witty author of the wonderful Artkerfuffle blog, Gaye, Florida mixed media artist and calligrapher Diana Hutchison, and book artist and calligrapher Connie Newbanks. We have all known each other for many years, and this art sale was a good chance to spend some quality time with each other again. They are in Gaye's brightly painted kitchen. Below is the artfully fun entrance to Gaye's downstairs studio, where the sale was held.

Diana sorts through the fat quarters fabrics Gaye had arranged for sale. Behind her is Gaye's worktable filled with the rubber stamps she was selling.

Fabrics for sale!

The wall facing the stairway entrance, from left to right.

Gaye's metal working corner. Gaye makes beautifulluy bound books with exquisitely detailed metal covers to drool over.

Gaye's sewing corner. The boxes are not usually there - on this day they held objects for sale.

Love this lady with her paper clip hat! This was our line of demarcation. Unfortunately none of the treasures in the rubber stamp/computer area were for sale.

I couldn't resist taking a photo of the pencils in their can. Pencils are always so cool to see displayed this way.

The rest of Gaye's house is as much fun as her studio. It was featured in the Louisville Courier Journal once for its artistic originality and beauty. Gaye's personality shows in every room. What a fun way to live!

One of my purchases was this neat little kit of 'weathering powders'. I paid $1. for the box and it sells for twenty times that!

Gaye's organization, originality and talent for display were obvious everywhere I looked. I wish I had that gene. Her books, on display throughout her studio, are true works of art.


  1. Goodness what an amazing studio! It would take hours to pour over everything. Thanks for sharing such a special place

  2. Wow! Thanks so much for the great kudos. You made my house look so good. When you live in your own nest for so long, it kind of gets takin' for granted. Thanks for coming and the wonderful write up.

  3. Kids in a candy store! What fun. Gaye's studio looks fabulous. I wonder if she taught at Artiscape a few years ago? I believe my daughter may have taken a workshop that she taught.