Saturday, November 24, 2012

Computer Desk - in between

Due to babysitting, a happy family Thanksgiving and a myriad of other reasons, other than a few envelopes I have done no lettering or artwork of note this week. While looking for something to blog about, I ran across this photo (click on the image to make it larger) and felt very ashamed! This is the in-between stage of the computer area in my studio. I will not show the before and after. The before was a horror. I had a big old hand-me-down computer armoire that was a hulking piece of furniture. Rather than being a neat hideaway for daily messes, it had become a catch all and was a total mess - always. A few months ago I cleaned out my studio and, with a lot of help from my husband, got rid of the overlarge piece of furniture and placed my antique cherry desk in its place. I was so happy at the transformation! The after photo would have been of the mess it is today. The desktop and the bookcase beside it are littered in papers. Not so neat. Not so pretty. My promise is to get back to the in-between today!

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