Friday, February 15, 2013

Creativity and Communication

Creativity and communication are closely related, I think.  Artists are often trying to communicate thoughts, ideas and feelings through their work.
What do you think of this piece of work?  It's a large quilt-sized piece which I am only able to show you in pieces, because of its size, and because lights reflected in the glass-fronted frame made some photos less clear.  I found the work fascinating, and studied it for a long time. 

Click on images to see them slightly larger.

The need to communicate is clear, but the communication is muddled somewhat.  I can't imagine how long this took to stitch.  The stream of consciousness style of 'writing', the misspellings and the different colors add to the  aspects of creativity and communication, but puzzle me as to why the threads were changed when they were.  Some thoughts seem to go in two directions while at the same time forming new thoughts.

I took these photos during a visit to the Glore Psychiatric Museum in St. Joseph, Missouri.  The artist has been in my heart ever since.  She had so much to say, but could anyone understand? 

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