Friday, May 31, 2013

Bonnie Stahlecker Longings

Mary Lou Sherman, Jen Grove and I drove to Indianapolis recently for a talk by artist friend, Bonnie Stahlecker about her wall sculptures exhibit, Longings. The exhibit is great and will be up through today if you are in the area. It is at Gallery 924 at the Arts Council of Indiana on Pennsylvania Street.

In the photo above, I am with Sharon Turrini and Mary Lou Sherman. (Jen took the photo.)
I am so glad we went to hear Bonnie speak about her works and her transition from books to these sculptures. In addition to the talk, in the vestibule we were able to view a very nice video showing some of her process. The pieces on display were all a part of her Protection series. She researched words and actions and feelings people have across the world and across time about protection. The result is a very symbolic and very thoughtful body of work that filled the gallery walls beautifully.
Jen took this photo of Bonnie at the start of her talk. She is holding a small book she made and telling that usually in book exhibits we can only see front and back covers and spine or one opened pair of pages. This led to her wanting to create more sculptural works. She now translates her love of the book and its leather, fibers, printing and papers in a whole new way.

Please click on the link near the top of this post to see more of Bonnie's fascinating works. Bonnie also makes and teaches (often in her Blue Lizard Studio) how to make wonderful book forms, both traditional and non-traditional. She may be teaching how to make leather bound books at Jen's Lettersong Studio/Gallery in September.

By Jan Hurst

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  1. Jan thank you for introducing me to this wonderful artist!