Sunday, October 13, 2013

Michael Clark Workshop in Louisville

The long anticipated Michael Clark workshop in Louisville is now a fine memory.  Scribes from seven states attended the privately sponsored workshop which was a version of his "Beyond the Poem"  class.  There was a lot packed in to the 2 days, and as Michael explained to me, 'this is a thinking workshop'.  Design considerations were paramount, lettering next - camaraderie and kindness, constant.

This is the lucky group which participated, happy smiles all around:
Jen Grove is in front, Michael is astride the Lettersong horse (so appropriate to Louisville.)
Deb W., Connie N., Diana H., Heather L., Jan H. (moi), Phil H., Shirley S., Kathy L., David O., Holly M., Marianne B., Meg J., mary lou S. and Barb B. complete the group.

Meg is happy with her new clock.  The workshop projects consisted of design study, logo design, creating good design in a poem to convey the meaning of the words, and designing a clock.  Below are some of the participants and clocks that were designed and completed in the workshop.

Holly with her beautiful clock.

Holly and Michael discussing her clock.
Phil with his clock.

Michael holding Diana's clock up for viewing.

David's clock

Michael demoed some letter variations for Marianne's clock.

Michael lettered every participant's name to show the many ways the ruling pen can be used.  You can barely see a few of Tim Leigh's handmade ruling pens on each side of the postal box in the photo.

A few days before the workshop a bright rainbow appeared over my house, seeming to bless the coming activities.

My studio - ready for me to clear out the wedding work and play with the great ideas learned in the workshop.

Thank you to Michael Clark and to all the participants.  It was a great workshop, everyone was a joy to be around, and Lettersong was a wonderful location.  (Click on photos to see them larger.)

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  1. such beautiful works, looks/sounds like a great time