Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wedding signs

Sometimes wedding signs are needed, and a recent Louisville wedding involved my making several signs - some typical and some unusual.  Besides the signs, I lettered envelopes for the wedding and a party, all the place cards, and created a one of a kind guest book, the pages of which were made from the same envelopes used for the wedding.

 Here is detail from the Bridal Suite sign.  I embellished the signature blue lettering with silver.

 This may have been the most unusual signage of the event.  "Mama's Soap Box" was the bride's idea.  Her mother climbed atop the sign-covered ottoman to welcome guests to the reception.

 My first iteration of the soap box was unsatisfactory to me, so I took it back to the drawing board and placed the signs on watercolor paper all around the ottoman.  I worried about 'Mom' tripping and covered the top with felt and then a rug.  It all worked out very well.
 The guest book wasn't just my favorite part, but also the bride's mother's.  She was near tears when she saw it and held it for the first time.

 The guest book's inside covers were made of paste paper that I had painted covered with a rayon paper complete with glittery specks of gold and silver.
 The place cards were extra large to accommodate some embellishment pieces the bride was having made in Germany.
The above were the party invitation envelopes where we first used the bride's blue.

The same week I made another sign - "Thank You" to be used for another bride's thank you notes.
I love weddings!  I love brides!  I love brides' mothers!  (And dads too.)  It's been a wonderful pre-fall wedding season.


  1. Hi Jan - your work is beautiful, but I especially love to see all the place cards lined up - simply stunning!! You are a true artist!


  2. I'm just blown away, all of the beautiful lettering and special things you did to make the day special and stand out. Just perfect.

  3. Oh my goodness, what beautiful work. You put so much of yourself into it, and it shows. Great job, and thanks for sharing with us. Linda E.

  4. Linda, Bren and Terry - thank you all very much!

  5. Everyone has posted my sentiments - i.e., "True artist, I'm just blown away", beautiful, perfect, and thank you for sharing". I will add that I love visiting your blog and you're such an inspiration for me!

    1. Thank you so much, Sara. That is so sweet of you, and has made my day...and it's been a very good day! Thanks!