Sunday, February 13, 2011

My new color palette?

The last three paintings I've done are in this same palette. I think I've finally found the color scheme for redecorating my living area.

Actually, this one started out to be a calligraphed piece. Unfortunately I had started lettering directly onto the canvas with Sumi ink in a Speedball pen. Looked pretty good. When it was dry I painted over it with white acrylic. Thus the gray-streaky area. I took it was beautiful with lots of sunshine...and sprayed it with fixative in an attempt to save the black dividing lines and the remaining section of lettering. Everything worked well until I painted over the last section of lettering. Yikes! More darned grayness. Because this lettering wasn't as dense, the gray was splotchy rather than striated. I added more aqua to the paint and was happy to still be able to see a hint of lettering coming through. Re-coated the dividing lines and added the small circles in two sizes. I think it's done, but I'll wait a while to varnish it.

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