Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Clean the World, One Doorstep at a Time

I just finished this piece. It's another in my version of Yves Leterme's style, though he might cringe at the comparison. His words are often nearly illegible and are decidedly more artful. Mine is more of a bridge between traditional and abstract - a bit of both. I do love this style though. I love the layering and obliterating and the use of multi media, here watercolor, pencil and ink.

The lettering was done with Dr. Ph. Martin's Spectralight in sequins blue. As a final step, I added a vertical pencil line near what looked like an implied door and knob to further tie the quote to the background art.


  1. Lovely sentiment, lovely piece!

  2. For those who posted comments here this week, I'm sorry. Blogger has erased, re-loaded and apparently erased posts (and all comments) once again. I hope they get their problems fixed asap! Thanks. I appreciate your reading and commenting.