Friday, May 20, 2011

Stages of a New Work

Perhaps my last in the pseudo Yves Leterme style, this one is also the largest. I'm almost finished exploring this idea, I think. Here are some of the stages this watercolor paper is going through.

1. & 2. Watercolor background...very random. I then added pen and ink strokes.

3. Illegible pencil lettering - achieved with the left hand.

4. Partial obliteration of all the above with gesso.

5. I have added some ink spatters.

What's next? I'm not sure where to go next. It needs some contrast. I think I'll add some color back in, and possibly some legible lettering. Must think of the right words. It will sit awhile until I get enthused about it again. Perhaps I'll switch it all up and turn it toward collage.

See examples of Yves' work and news of his new book, Thoughtful Gestures, on his blog, Animal Scribax.

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  1. Ah the fun of trying to figure out where the painting wants/needs to go next, I'm in the middle of that dilemma myself