Saturday, May 28, 2011

Digital Collages

I was going through old files today (the ones that made it from my old Dell computer to the Mac) and found these old digital collage prints. Although these were done totally on the computer, I have done several that have calligraphy added to them as well.

The Pepsi cards were from 2005. They were made from multiple images rather like paper collage but without paper and without paste. No fancy filters, etc.

Lonely Serenade is a favorite. Many images were blended together to make this image. Unlike the Pepsi cards, this one entailed much manipulation and many filters, etc.

Music was one of my first digital collages. It's 'pure' digital. No photos were manipulated, it was, rather, 'painted' on the computer. One friend used to call these images painting with light.

There are many more of my digital collages in two albums on my website.

1 comment:

  1. Oh that middle one really has my attention. I'm pulled in by the flood of colour and the suggestion of shape of an eye with the window in the middle. So compelling.