Friday, June 3, 2011

Laurie Doctor Journaling Workshop

In today's session of Laurie Doctor's journaling workshop at Preston Arts Center in Louisville, we struggled with blind contour writing and blind contour vegetable drawing. Mine was asparagus. Others had garlic, a leek, an apple half, a sweet red pepper half, and many more asparagus spears. It was HARD! Those tiny budlets on the tip of the spear were difficult to draw in contour. Then we were told to put connected lettering on the pages with the drawing. Mine asked the burning question, "What is the best way to prepare asparagus?"
Laurie knew the answer, so I included her recipe on the bottom of the page.
Later we added watercolor to the images we had drawn. As you can see, I didn't quite complete my color enhancements. We also added rectangular insets with detail images drawn into them. It was interesting to see everyone's work.

Here is blind contour writing. Rules: we had to keep our pencils on the paper, the letters had to be connected, and we couldn't look at where we were drawing.

Here is some of that lettering placed on the edge of a page. I was told to keep letting my letters get larger as I went along the edge of the page, and with that came some misspellings.
Laurie has been doing 'a line a day' for quite a while now. She says if we divide the pages into many smaller sections, we can easily complete a line a day. For instance, the edge-lettered page could easily have several other rectangles in various sizes to be filled in with a variety of lettering.

I'll try to update tomorrow with results of tomorrow's session.


  1. These are great!
    I love Laurie's classes ... So much fun and inspiration. Her sketchbooks are wonderful. Can't wait toomsee more.

    Luce Zolna

  2. Great work Jan! Laurie came to Indy a few years ago, and I really enjoyed her approach. It was so different and refreshing.

  3. Jan it is great to see your work up, and perhaps even you may now see that double page of asparagus in a new light- it is so enjoyable to see. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and participation- that's the word I am looking for, particiapation is essential to the creative pattern.