Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More work from Laurie Doctor's June Journaling Workshop in Louisville

With permission, I share some more photos from Laurie Doctor's recent journal/sketchbook workshop at Preston Arts Center in Louisville. See my last post for a few pix from my first day.

Here is Connie Newbank's collage - our final project was to make a collage of 6-9 equal parts from various pages we'd done over the weekend.

Here is Barb Beattie's collage.

Here is a photo of the lovely fruits and veggies that Laurie procured for our contour drawing exercises.

Here are Barb's contour drawn asparagus spears.

Here are Deb Warnat's contour drawn apples.

Here's another of Deb's pages.

Here is Deb's collage page.

Here is my collage.

Not really done in the workshop, but done ahead for the workshop, I decided to save in my journals the many four leafed clovers I find. I have some pages with the clovers taped over, but these were affixed with matte medium.

Here is what we were all there for - Laurie's exciting work. I for one hope to achieve something like her integral whole from various five minute sessions. Laurie's pages may be worked on for only five minutes at a time, or completed in one sitting, but they always seem to have such life. The contrasting letter styles and colors and weights all come together beautifully.

Here is Marilynn Swan's collage. 'Little jewels' are what we called the bright spots of color.

Here is Marilyn Fischer's collage.

Another of Marilyn's pages.

Patty Bertsch's tiny black and white collage.

I hope to upload a few more images if I receive more permissions/photos. If I've misidentified any of these, please let me know and I'll correct it.

NOTE: Laurie had work published in The Annual Juried Issue of Letter Arts Review, 25:2. Congratulations, laurie!


  1. love, Love, LOVE everything about this post, Jan. Looks like it was a great group and a wonderful time.

  2. The collages are fab, and very inspiring. I will check out Laurie.
    P.S I'm a long-term lurker who is now revealing herself!

  3. Such beautiful and unique work. so glad you shared