Sunday, October 2, 2011

Miscellaneous Photos - Toulouse France

I'm busy sorting and re-sizing photos again. Here are a few miscellaneous photos from Toulouse. Many more to come.

I thought my calligraphy friends would appreciate this flourished sign I spied on a street near downtown Toulouse.
To continue the 'foodie' theme from past posts, here is the meal that was presented to me at a nice Italian restaurant in Toulouse. This is tagliatelle...complete with raw egg! Being a former food microbiologist, I didn't take the suggestion of the nice man from Provence sitting at the neighboring table (to stir it up and the egg would cook. - Alas, the pasta was too cool to count on that happening!) I ate around the yolk, but was well aware that I was eating uncooked albumin in the process.

The best Coke I have ever had. Wow! It tasted good! That led to more Cokes throughout my stay, something I rarely drink at home. In at least one French restaurant Coca Cola was more expensive than wine!!!

A cobbler's window caught my eye. A history of shoes is in this little treasury.

A Hurdy-Gurdy man in the capitol plaza in Toulouse was a fun sight to see - and hear!

This street musician was possibly one of the many college students in the area.

This 'statue' was in the Capitol Plaza one weekend.

Phone booth - these are becoming rarer and rarer to see due to the proliferation of cell phones. They're obviously more of a target for graffiti than for actual phone calls.

This canal boat restaurant was one of our landmarks during our first week in France. We considered eating there, but never did get around to it.

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