Friday, October 14, 2011

Sink Art Book Revisited

Ehhh. Messed up on the sink art booklet from the start. To glue the sink art rectangles to the Arches text wove, I used a jar of paste I found while straightening my studio. It looked perfect. I was happy to have found it. I thought it would be perfect for the project. Instead, even after weighting the booklet under heavy books for days, the pages were a little wavy. I guess that's why the jar had been hidden away.
Then the lettering. First I made it too legible and too tight. Then I tried to loosen up, then I tried to obscure it. Nothing was easy, and nothing was working.

Ehhh. Not happy with the progress. It may become collage papers - or trash. The words are a very personal poem I wrote in reference to my little brother's death. I wanted them to be hard to read. I didn't want to add color, but did so to help obscure. I did not do a good job of planning on this, and therein lay the problem. I was just trying to get it done, and it didn't work out well. I haven't even thought of a cover, and probably won't. I will do it over though after I've done more planning!

In my muse's defense, there have been a couple of other distractions this week. First, painting. Not me as artist (only peripherally), but me as homeowner. My living room, dining room and kitchen are a total mess right now. Two days of wallpaper removal (not counting the bit Steve did while I was in France), a day of primer coating, and today is the real final paint. Yay!!! I think the painter will finish today! I've wanted to do this for three years. When I bought this house it looked like a 'granny house'. Lots of floral wallpaper and border everywhere. Frilly frou-frou, which is not my style. The pink carpet was too good to get rid of, but too inappropriate to keep. Alas, it stays until next summer - according to my painter, it will be better to refinish the hardwood floors (currently hidden under the plush pinkness) in the summer. (We'll see. I do get impatient once I have a vision.)

The other project is wedding stuff. Placecard/seating cards. See photos on my wedding blog, but here is a photo of some cards in my drying rack.

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  1. You have been busy! Sometimes working intuitively reveals much. Maybe the emotional inspiration for the piece is still working within you and not quite ready for paper. Your place cards are lovely, and congrats on the removal of granny from your home decorating! :)