Friday, October 28, 2011

New Art - Is It Finished?

I hung this new piece in my living room, thinking of it as unfinished. Maybe I shouldn't have done that. My husband doesn't want me to alter it now. He likes it!

After three years of living with our home's former owners' mauve carpeting and floral wallpaper, we have finally removed all of that and added our own taste. There's more to be done, but I couldn't resist hanging art on the walls as soon as I could. I didn't think my family would like this large contemporary canvas, but I have been surprised by everyone, including my mother who loved the former decor and my husband, who doesn't want me to change a thing about it. This large (30 x 40") canvas sat unfinished in my studio for close to a year covered with texture and shades of turquoise acrylics. Once I determined the colors for my living areas, most of that was covered up. I used one of the living room and dining room colors of interior latex paint, and then dripped it a la Pollack to integrate the colored sections with the main color. I will probably do a little finessing to it, but I may have to do it in secret.


  1. You got to love it when people really like what we think is undone :-) Being an abstracter myself, I love the simplicity of the overall look, but on closer inspection there's lots going on in this piece. No wonder you family love it.

  2. Greetings,

    Every artist facing the question 'is it finished.' I have a couple paintings many would consider completed, yet I still view them as questionable, so I hang it on the wall, live with it for a while. The longest I have ever worked on a painting is two years and four months, so it all comes down to personal preference and especially a lot of gut instincts.

    Warmest regards,