Friday, August 31, 2012

State Fair Ribbons

No prizes for Collage or Printmaking or Handmade Books, but I won first place in Computer Art for my digital collage, "Lonely Serenade". I did a blog post about that already (Click on name for article and image.) My calligraphy piece won a third place ribbon.
The first place winner was very nice this year.
My piece was bleach on black paper with much pointed pen lettering over the bleached lettering. It doesn't 'show' very well. The pointed pen work is difficult to see. It was a practice piece that I liked, and I will probably explore that idea a bit more. Lettering with bleach is fun with unpredictable results depending on the age of the bleach (believe it or not) and the paper. Some black papers give yellow or tan letters, some pinkish. Read more... Not many give a good white, but I enjoy the unpredictability of them and think the yellow to tan range is good. I love this Nietzsche quote. My son gave it to me years ago and I did a collage with it. After it sold at an art show several people came back looking for it. Here are my two prize winners this year. Sorry about the bad photos. Framed art with glass is very difficult to get.


  1. Congratulations, Jan! (and I love your blog wallpaper!)

    1. Thanks, Jane! I've been revamping all my blogs. Can't get them to do everything I want, but I appreciate your comments. Thanks!