Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Artistry of Beautiful St. James Court, Louisville KY

The artistry of beautiful St. James Court in Louisville Kentucky is hidden when most visitors are there. I read that more people visit St. James Court during the annual St. James Court Art Show (first weekend in October) than the Kentucky Derby, raced the first Saturday in May just a few miles away. The art show is great, but if that's the only time people see this lovely Old Louisville neighborhood, they miss a lot. The neighborhood and its architecture has an artistry of its own. It is perhaps Louisville's most architecturally interesting neighborhood. The neighborhood began as stately homes. Many of them went through a sad period of disrepair, but experienced a renewal period leading to a return to glory. It's remarkable that so much of the fabulous leaded and stained glass has survived. Some have had newer pieces of glass and iron railings added, but the charm of the neighborhood remains completely intact.

My friend Donna visited me this weekend. Today after breakfast we stopped to photograph St. James Court and Belgravia Court (a walking courtyard that is part of the neighborhood.) Though the sunshine was not right for the best photography - almost overhead and very bright) it was fun to take photos of the stately Victorian homes that ring the courtyard. It was a trip to an earlier time with a very European flavor, especially on Belgravia Court. Gas lamps dot the courtyards, their flickering flames gently illuminating the area at night. To read more about the various homes and some of the history of the post Civil War era neighborhood, please click on the above link.

Here are some of the photos I took this morning.

The fabulous fountain midway through the split courtyards at the aptly named Fountain Court. Originally commissioned in the late 1800s by the developer of the community, it was recast in bronze in 1975.

A resting lion statue at the Magnolia Street entrance.

Some of the majestic homes and doorways of St. James Court.

Here are some of the sights along Belgravia Court...accessible only by foot.

Donna working with the light to get a better shot of the fountain. Donna Hacker is an excellent travel photographer. See some of her photography by clicking her name above.

To see a bit of St. James Court during the big art show, click on this link. I notice that I took photos of some of my favorite houses back then too. St. James Court is well worth visiting on the first full weekend in October if you like art shows, but don't forget to visit when you can get an unimpeded look at the fine homes.


  1. So beautiful, glad you shared it, loved seeing the sights through your eyes

    1. Thanks, Bren! I should go back more often. Photo ops abound there. Many of these shots may have been better had it not been nearly high noon. I also missed all the homes in the first block because we parked half way up and began at the fountain.

  2. My sister-in-law, Pat lives in Louisville so the next time I am there for a visit, St. James Court will definitely be on my list to visit! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos Jan! I also take lots of photos of architectural elements and DOORS. I love how you captured the beautiful details of these wonderful structures and gardens.

    1. Thanks, Sara! I have only skimmed the surface. This neighborhood is so architecturally rich. Each home has something special about it. You will enjoy! Would love to meet you in person when you visit.