Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A bit of recent work

These are a couple of drawings I did when I needed to feel creative. Just practice pieces using pressure/release lettering with pencil.

Another pressure/release with pencil exercise. I love doing these letters and plan to incorporate them into a large canvas piece as soon as I have time to play.

Play I did one Sunday afternoon this summer with my beautiful niece Celeste. It was fun suggesting things for her to try as she created her very first painting on canvas. It's very large, and she did a fantastic job!


  1. I loved seeing your pressure/release pencil Romans. I just attended the Pushing the Pencil workshop with Peter Thornton and I'm still amazed at how much beauty can be created with such a simple, often overlooked tool!

  2. Thanks, Shannon! Actually, I first learned these letters from Peter many, MANY years ago. I've recently started working - no, Playing - with them again quite a bit. I'm finding them addictive. Thanks!