Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mixed grey ink on Tiffany envelopes

I'm not sure if I can 'blame' the envelopes - I think it's mostly the ink mixture - but I'm finding these envelopes very slow going. First, I had to mix ink (I tried to use inks instead of gouache because I didn't think I'd need much.) I had ordered a special bottle of ink and thought I'd use that for the bulk of these. The ink did not come in, so I canceled the order. In addition, to get the right color I mixed up more than I'd expected to need. (Dr. Martin's white, Moon Palace black and for a touch of brown, walnut ink.) So - I have a lot of ink, it's the right color and it works passably well. Another issue is the letter style. It's not a true calligraphy style. It is a font - Rook. I thought I hated it, but it's actually looking much more graceful than I'd expected. And what a luxury! These envelopes are a generous size so the addresses look uncrowded, adding to the gracefulness. I don't think a layman could see how I've struggled with the ink and the 'font'. Lots of re-stroking has been required, but I like them. I have a lot to do in a short time. I will be sidelined for a medical procedure for two days, and I babysat for a few hours today. Hurry, hurry! They will be done on time, but it will be nose-to-the-grindstone when I am able.


  1. It's beautiful and no one will every know that you struggled.

  2. Thanks, Susan! I appreciate that.