Sunday, August 29, 2010

Some old work I transferred from my other blog

A sampling of various pieces of calligraphy I've done in the past. Check back periodically for new uploads. Also see for more.

Here's a Franz Kafka quote lettered in pressurized graphite pencil.

A practice quote.

I did this one as a gift last Christmas.

A Mother Teresa quote.

A letterhead I created.

A contemporary uncial style.

This was a gift for a friend. The Credo "I believe" in her native language.

A wedding invitation that was fun to do. Two were totally hand-lettered, as was the original for the remaining ones whose recipients' names were individually scribed on them. Following this is the monogram I designed for the couple.

Goethe quote on a digitally altered background.

An invitation and the envelopes I lettered for a lovely bride.

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