Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This blog is about calligraphy!

I keep forgetting that I created a new blog to house my calligraphy ! My original blog, which was meant to be multi-purpose, housed calligraphy, other arts and much family news. Because of my new grandson, it has become majorly about him - and why not? Jace the Face is fantastic!

This is the blog I will be promoting for art and calligraphy from now on. If I remember. I'll try to remember.

I am working full time in a publishing company and come home at night to a lot of calligraphy work. I am simultaneously working on bits of three different weddings right now. It's been a very busy year, art-wise. I'll see if I can link this site to my other blog's calligraphy and art-related posts.

Above are photos of the Indian envelopes I've been working on. They are lush, but the heavy texture eats nibs. Fun to do anyway because they're so pretty.

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