Friday, July 1, 2011

Ascension Day Blessing - burgundy on tan

Here's my latest project. A gentleman asked me to letter this blessing twice for him in burgundy on an old looking paper. I found a beautiful sheet of laid paper - I can't remember the maker or the name of this large deckled sheet, but it's very pretty with a wavy laid pattern. NOT the easiest to letter on!

This image shows some of the stages in the process of creating the work. A rough draft, ruled lines, and the piece with lines erased.

Here is a detail before lines were erased.

My DIL Sandy had seen this person's request on Craigslist and forwarded it to me. I'm so pleased to have 'met' this lovely gentleman (all done via email and the USPS) who told me that the blessing was also meant for me. : )

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  1. It looks lovely - it certainly has a vintage vibe.