Friday, July 8, 2011

I Am Honored - Dead Asparagus - Velvet Letters

How about that title!!?!

The above is a digital collage I made this week just to keep my hand in. I hadn't done one in a long time, had the itch to do one, and found this old photo of some of the ribbons I've won for my artwork, paired it with a practice page of script lettering and made this very simple digital piece.

Above is a photo of a stalk of asparagus from the journaling workshop I attended a couple of months ago. When it fell out of my tote bag of supplies I had to laugh. Time to bury this poor boy. He was a good prop, but he had a built in time limit, and was past it!

Below, two photos of envelopes I lettered last week with Moon Palace on silver metallic envelopes. The silver base made the letters look like black velvet. They were a bear to letter on because the silver was not a tiny bit translucent even on a light table. I had to prop two lights under my board and turn off all the lights in the room and strain and strain - and strain some more - my eyes to see guidelines to keep the lettering straight.

Boxed and ready to mail.


  1. Gorgeous envelopes! What an inspiration. And the asparagus cracks me up.

  2. Beautiful Jan! We will miss you in Phoenix!!

  3. Best title ever! and great work too. Would love to see more from the Laurie D workshop also... hint, hint.

  4. Oh, but they are so beautiful and worth the strain!